With a futuristic design, high-performance, and an incredible energy efficiency rating, the AKZ9 6230 IX can effectively perform in any home and look magnificent with any kitchen design. Whether you’re a cooking fanatic or just cook for the family, the AKZ9 6230 IX is the ideal oven for your home to cook delicious recipes including meals and sweet treats. 

Whirlpool built in electric oven: in Stainless Steel - AKZ9 6230 IX


Nobody likes when your food tastes like another dish because it has been cooked in the same oven. Especially when the other dish is not something that you are too fond of. Whirpool’s AKZ9 6230 IX comes programmed with an innovative function called Cook3, which allows you to cook three separate dishes at the same time without the aromas mixing, leading to the foods smelling of another dish or tasting of another dish. If you live with any fussy eaters or despise your food tasting of another dish, this oven is ideal for you!


6th Sense Technology

Many modern ovens can be highly complicated to use, which can lead to overcooked food or food that isn’t cooked as it should be. With the incredible AKZ9 6230 IX by Whirpool, you can set your oven in just three simple steps with 6th Sense Technology. By selecting one of the six programmed pre-set recipes, the AKZ9 6230 IX will automatically set the dedicated cooking function, time, and temperature for perfectly cooked dishes. For those who aren’t as passionate about cooking as others are or are confused about how to efficiently use ovens, the AKZ9 6230 IX is ideal for you.



Forgetting to preheat your oven before preparing a recipe can be irritating, especially as you then have to continue waiting even once the food is ready to be cooked. With the AKZ9 6230 IX’s advances Ready2Cook function, the need for pre-heating is eliminated. The incredibly innovative Ready2Cook function uses a powerful convection system to quickly reach the right temperature and eliminate the need for pre-heating. 


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