The Siemens KS36FPI4P is a serious bit of kit. For starters it towers up above 180cm in height and has an incredible 300 litre capacity which is equivalent to 16 bags of shopping. This stand-alone refrigerator is a champion when it comes to storing large quantities of fresh food which makes it ideal for large households. Busy families would benefit most from a fridge this size as it’s often the case there’s a need to repeatedly cook three meals a day for an average of 3-4 people. This amounts to an incredible amount of food so rather than having to rely on the limits of frozen food, today’s larger families can consume an adequate volume of fresh healthy foods like vegetables, fruit and lean meats with the space to store them for longer. To that end we’d probably wouldn’t recommend this fridge for a smaller flat with two people as they would struggle to fill much of the space.  At face value, a stainless steel anti-fingerprint exterior gives the appliance a restrained contemporary look. With an interchangeable hinged door, you can modify the fridge to open from either the left or right which affords you flexibility when it comes to placing your fridge in a convenient spot.


Consistent Quality


You can bet that once your fresh food is loaded into the KS36FPI4P, Siemens’ intelligent food storage features will keep it in optimal quality. The fridge comes with three Hyperfresh draws each with its own optimised environment suited to storing either meat, veg or fruit. This feature alone is said to increase the preservation of food up to three times longer than normal which is great not only from a quality perspective but also in terms of reducing household food waste.  The appliance’s freshSense self-monitoring system is very sensitive and will pick up on temperature fluctuations in the immediate environment and adjust its temperature accordingly. For example, if the heating was on and there was a large scale cooking session (hobs or ovens heating the room up), the fridge would get colder as a way of protecting its core temperature. This guarantees that no matter what, your food will be kept at optimal freshness. Part of achieving this is mainly down to the manufacturers advanced cool air distribution system which is designed to deliver the same flow of consistent cold air to every shelf. Essentially even fresh air distribution guarantees that no matter where your food may be in the fridge, it will always be exposed to cold air and kept fresh for longer.


Designed With Precision


Adjustable shatterproof shelving gives the KS36FPI4P the edge as both a safe and flexible appliance. If for whatever reason you need to store large items that don’t fit on a shelved structure, you can just take them out in order to create greater height space. The shelving itself slots in with sub-millimetre perfection which comes in handy when dealing with spillages which can be completely contained and won’t seep down through the rest of the fridge. One tiny thing that we thought made a whole load of difference was how Siemens integrated smooth telescopic sliders for all three of the Hyperfresh draws. This allows each drawer to slide out with effortless simplicity and also means they can be fully supported when extended. Picture yourself unloading the week’s shopping and you can see how having immediate access to open draws really does help make it less fiddly. Siemens’ eye for design and engineering is evident in so much of the features of the KS36FPI4P but the real unique quality is how they deliver more for less. This is a large fridge with a lot of built in intelligent sense technology that offers so much but runs on next to no energy, earning it an impressive A+++. 


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