Congratulations on owning a Bosch fridge freezer!

Here are 4 simple steps to quickstart your fridge freezer...

1. After installing the appliance, wait at least 1 hour until the appliance is switched on.

2. Before switching on the appliance for the first time, wipe the fridge with a cloth and warm water.

3. Set the fridge temperature at 4ÂșC.

4. Place food into the right compartments and shelves after the set temperature is reached.

  • Place jars in the middle door compartment.
  • Place containers and eggs in the middle door compartment.
  • Place bottle drinks and juices into the lower door compartment.
  • Place cheese and other dairy products in the middle of the fridge.
  • Place food containers and preserving jars on the bottom shelves.
  • Store fresh produce in the VitaFresh vegetables and fruits compartment.
  • Place frozen food items in the freezer compartment.

For more information, visit Bosch Customer Service.


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